Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Severin KA 4049

I bought this coffee machine yesterday spontaneously in a large electronics store. As a secondary device for a vacation home.

The coffee maker does what you'd expect from a coffee maker. You brews very fast hot coffee.
The criticism of the last review that the coffee spills when pouring too fast I can not understand.
It is true, one must pour slowly. But not in slow motion. And that one must pour slowly, one already noted, if, as prescribed, repeatedly flushed the coffee maker with water before use.
The marks on the scale are even for eyeglass wearers like me easy to read.

The water can be well pour into the water tank, the filter element is pivotally and rausnehmbar.

Conclusion: easy to clean a coffee maker with no frills, doing what is expected of her.

Namely very fast hot brew coffee.

We bought two machines for the office, because we got broken here two glass jugs;-) For the price we thus have equal replacement for our next "accident" ordered.

Despite the low price, we get a totally viable coffee.
It is certainly not the best, fastest, quietest and stromsparendste on the market but it makes decent cup of coffee. More we did not.

To address a couple of points to some other reviews:
- Whisper quiet the machine is not overly loud but also not. The noise thus holds absolutely under and we find it actually quite nice if you can hear the last gurgle of the machine and we know that the coffee is through:-)
- We do not feel the machine as slow. The coffee is very nice afloat by
- Some parts will be hard to clean ... we can not confirm. Just when you pot the times not right represents pure and overflows the soup needs to be cleaned there in the filter. The filter insert can be easily removed and cleaned.
- The pot should mess ... joa, if you are too greedy on the go with the brimming pot and wants to fill the cup with a huge gush then spills the pot ... but that will probably be the case with many other pitchers. However, if you slowly pour also not a single drop is wasted ... the technology is there to:-)

Long story short,
For the price you get exactly what you need: a coffee machine that makes coffee

We have not regretted the purchase, this model would not hesitate to recommend and buy again.

Philips HD5407/60


a fully automatic machine is already very convenient.

However, many guests present then pushes this fast capacity.
Therefore makes a classic coffee machine still makes sense. However, now that some are very familiar with coffee (or at least it my) and the coffee from a 08/15 machine (or taste comparison Senseo) really can not be quite so tingly now I was able to test this machine as a kind of link. This type of machine is considered common way as classic. For this machine, you can (of course in machine generations) for over 10 years for purchase.
In times of rapid changes (especially in the small appliances segment), this is indeed an eternity and testifies really very good acceptance among customers.

But what distinguishes this machine look like?

Plus points:

- For real filter coffee excellent taste
- By the high brewing temperature (about 90 degrees)
- Great design (still)
- Takes up little space in the kitchen (but beware builds up)
- Easy operation (self-explanatory) and is easy
- Good and stable state (for this machine height)
- Drip-stop function (but does not always work)

What I did not like?

- The water softener (through the bracket not really optimal)
- Since the water tank is not removable and easily visible to you should frequently clean and descale Him
- (Most have nothing stand permanently in close proximity) What a vapor
- That with the warming function also does not work perfectly (but I do not often)

A really good coffee machine which prepared a very good coffee. Unfortunately you have owed ​​the design, although perfectly looking, in use a few handicaps. Since I take this machine only visit in operation I can live very well with the little weaknesses and delight in the very good coffee.

Melitta 100801

When I was looking for a new coffee maker, I was initially skeptical about the many positive reviews that this machine has. Well, now I write myself a. The part with the fast delivery and good packaging I skip. Let's get straight to business. Boil for coffee.

The machine is very fast and brews the coffee in relative terms (relative to the pouring of the water by hand in a filter) short time, with the result that keep the dissolved bitters actually limited. In other words - strong, aromatic coffee.

Reviewers before me have written about the sluggishness of the lid of the water tank, the tank itself and also on the size of the machine. Of course, these are all very personal impressions, but I must the people - with all due respect - contradict. The lid of the water tank sits very tight. A good thing. He is supposed to. But he is also - if you take off him straight up and not tilted - easily withdraw.

The same is true for the tank itself. On the outside two deep sunken, perpendicular grooves are in the can securely grip with thumbs and fingers. Not a problem. The size of the device is certainly the biggest question of personal taste. Water happens to have a certain volume and I get not small. The heater must be placed somewhere, and the filter will still fit. And then the pot.

That just takes place. The pot is - seen here only subjectively - maybe a bit on the small side. According lettering on the glass 8 large or 10 small cups. Maybe the rest of the unit works by bigger? What was for me one of the main reasons for 5 star at all, is the fact that nothing (!) Dropwise. Whether all the water is carried or the jug is still brewing. The drip stop works perfectly. It hisses nothing and there is no burnt coffee stains on the hot plate. And to stay with the hot plate - you can by means of a timer (which is set at the factory to 30 minutes) set when the machine shuts down.

So if you have left the apartment in the direction of vacation and frantically asks if the coffee machine is still running ... it does not. She has in fact turned off itself. A huge plus for the device! With the machine a test strip for water hardness is supplied, the result can be adjusted according to the preset on the device for the local water hardness.

Sounds super complicated, but is very simple. Only good advice ... Do not start, like wild rumzudrücken on the buttons and do not be surprised when nothing goes the way you want it. Give yourself 10 minutes to read the operating instructions. This is really simple and understandable. There is a timer that starts the minute the machine in the morning. If someone is really extremely pressed for time in the morning, one can bring the well 9-12 minutes. Otherwise, there has been what if the machine - very quiet, pleasant - bubbling and filling the air with the smell of coffee. From me, then, the full score and a real recommendation.

Philips HD7546/20

We have been looking for a replacement for our old coffee maker, after the first automatic and even then the pot fell down and shattered. What we looked at the machines in various shops and tried and met with the Philips the right choice.

The machine:

It is beautiful and space-saving, because the stainless steel pot is very compact and requires no glass bulb, as is the case with thermoses.

The plastic on the machine has a stainless steel inlay on the filter insert, which is very nice and gives a noble picture. Incidentally filter bags size 4 or 1x4 are used.

The water level indicator is easy to read and well placed on the right side.

The filter insert can be folded far out and even decline. However, one has to the entire flap, in this filter element is incorporated, remove what is probably most used to clean the case.

The large opening on the back side, water can be very easy to fill in the device and nothing goes wrong.

The brewing process is pleasantly quiet and the machine automatically shuts off after brewing.

With 1000 watts of brewing also runs quite fast, but without alienating the flavor. On the contrary, the coffee is the flavor even more rounded flavor than before and with any type of coffee.

One scoop is also at it (sticks to the inside of the cover)

Only one cable rewind I would have liked.

The stainless steel pot:


She is very beautiful, sturdy and makes a good figure on each table.

Even after 6 hours, the coffee is still very hot, which is certainly in the good closure. At first I was skeptical, however, because you have the cover to the left to remove the lid. When turned to the right, then he lifts up and you can pour. But after the second application, all concerns were eliminated, because the handling is very simple and logical. Other systems keep the coffee not so long warm, at most one has a screw cap, but this is still much fummeliger and more time than the system chosen by Philips.

What in the pot but most importantly, there are no annoying drops more. The spout is just perfect, everything is going to go where you want it, namely in the cup. Finally, one must not serve its guests with the rag on the pot, the table cloth remains clean and that has bothered me about my old coffee the most.



Although I never wanted to spend that much money for a simple coffee maker, but this investment has really paid off. A stylish, compact and easy care coffee with no real flaws.

A real best buy!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Hello I am Julie

Hello World, I am Julie, a busy career woman. yesterday i made this blog as my online diary.I will publish what became my thoughts on this blog. other than that I would also write useful things that I know

The current weather is winter in my area, I live in singapore with my family. thank god I still have both parents, I know a lot of people out there who live alone. does not have a father, mother and relatives.